Count Victories
Not Dice

The only app built for Wargamers who know rolling dice is fun but counting dice, not so much

"It really has all the gadgets you’ll need to keep tabs on everything happening on the tabletop."

Keep Your Games Moving

Nothing destroys the momentum of a game like 72 attacks hitting on 5s, wounding on 4s, saving on... you know what I'm talking about.

Focus on your strategy, not picking out 5s and 6s.

No more "1-2-3 I'm right, 4-5-6 you're right"

Wound marker dice getting left behind. Critical dice rolls landing at funny angles (or did it?). Did you hit six times or only five? The Wargamer's Dice Toolkit makes all these arguments things of the past.

Make It Your Own

As Wargamers we love making our armies our own. The Wargamer's Dice Toolkit gives you so many customisation options, it'll feel like another part of your army.

Get IN Touch

If you've got a suggestion for the Wargamer's Dice Toolkit, or you've found something that's broken (it happens), tell us all about it right here.

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